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zinger n : a striking or amusing or caustic remark; "he always greeted me with a new zinger"; "she tried to think of some killer of an argument, a real zinger that would disarm all opposition"




  1. Something that zings.
  2. A very rapidly moving object, especially one that is thrown.
    The pitcher threw a real zinger and struck him out.
  3. A suprising or unusually pointed or telling remark.
    My little niece let fly with the zinger that my sister was pregnant again.
  4. An event that when experienced leaves the witness dazed, either physically or metaphorically.
    I was still reeling from the zinger of seeing my ex on a date with my best friend.
Zinger may refer to:
  • Dwayne Zinger, a Canadian ice hockey player
  • Zingers, an American snack cake made by both Dolly Madison and Hostess
  • Zinger, flying enemies present in the Donkey Kong series of video games
  • A type of burger made by KFC
  • Mitsubishi Zinger, a crossover SUV sold in Taiwan
  • ZINGERpresents, an Amsterdam based contemporary art gallery
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